My Life List

  1. Go to a Kevin Smith Q&A
  2. Go to New York City
  3. Meet a blogger friend in real life
  4. Move to a new city
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Go to the Louvre in Paris
  7. Drive cross-country to California
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Go to Coachella
  10. Publish my writing in a printed publication
  11. Swim with dolphins
  12. Read all the books on my book list
  13. Move to Kenya to work with orphaned baby elephants
  14. See the pyramids in Egypt
  15. Become conversational in another language (Spanish or German. Preferably both)
  16. Own a pet parrot and teach it to talk
  17. See the Grand Canyon
  18. Become internet famous
  19. Go on a zipline canopy tour
  20. Make money from my blog
  21. Go on a beach resort vacation
  22. Go on another cruise
  23. Adopt a rescued dog
  24. Go to a taping of Conan
  25. Become a college English professor
  26. Make a quilt out of my old t-shirts
  27. Visit a Redwood forest
  28. Learn to ride a horse
  29. Create a collection of my favorite recipes
  30. Live in an apartment with an epic jacuzzi-style bathtub
  31. Go to Las Vegas and spend less than $50 on gambling
  32. Ride a mechanical bull
  33. Find the perfect box to use for my memory box
  34. See Titanic in 3D in theaters
  35. Go to Bonnaroo
  36. Enter and win a writing contest
  37. Do a photo project (in progress, but for now it’s a secret)
  38. Lose 20 pounds
  39. Watch every episode of King of the Hill
  40. Watch every episode of Daria
  41. Develop my own recipe for the best-ever mac and cheese
  42. Attend the 20something Bloggers Summit
  43. Submit a portion of my senior thesis to the Cormac McCarthy Journal
  44. Learn sign language
  45. Get a promotion at my job that includes a raise
  46. Participate in a zombie walk
  47. Get a Master’s Degree
  48. Pay off my student loans and my car
  49. Send Christmas cards to my friends and family every year (2011, 2012)
  50. Own a convertible (or at the very least, a car with a sunroof)
  51. Go on safari in Africa
  52. Organize an Indianapolis bloggers meetup
  53. Audit a class at Butler or IUPUI
  54. See Third Eye Blind in concert for the fourth time
  55. Build an extensive collection of my friends’ artwork
  56. Volunteer at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial library
  57. Keep a One Line a Day journal for five years (in progress)
  58. Take a trip to Amsterdam with friends
  59. Visit my cousins in Germany
  60. Go to a book signing for one of my favorite authors
  61. Create a poetry anthology binder of all my favorite poems
  62. Make a vlog with a friend
  63. Eat at S’mac in New York City
  64. Own and read every book Kurt Vonnegut has ever written
  65. Take a vacation to Ireland
  66. Buy a new mattress
  67. Throw a drink in someone’s face when they really deserve it
  68. Go to Los Angeles
  69. Learn to drive stick
  70. Plan my own funeral
  71. Go to a Blue Man Group concert
  72. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  73. Take a beginner’s yoga class

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