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The Ridges in Athens, Ohio

The Ridges in Athens, Ohio

This past weekend I went back to Ohio yet again to visit my friend Bree, who is a grad student at Ohio University. She lives at The Summit, a newer apartment complex built on top of a treacherous hill south of campus, just next door to what is now known as The Ridges — a … Continue reading

the Facebook game

the Facebook game

I took this idea from Nova, because why not? Rules: 1. Post your first ever Facebook profile picture 2. Pick one photo from each consecutive year up to the present one 3. Explain 2006: This photo was taken in Tomahawk, Wisconsin at a bonfire at my friend Joe’s house. I had just graduated from high … Continue reading

garikfest 2012

garikfest 2012

Last weekend my friend Garik traveled to Indianapolis to visit me and Gretchen. Garik is one of my oldest friends–we’ve been buddies since eighth grade when we used to sit at the same table in science class. He’s been a real vagabond lately, hippying it up in St. Petersburg just blocks from where Jack Kerouac died in … Continue reading

lynsey and gretchen do NYC

Last year, I went to New York City for the first time. Gretchen and I stayed with our friend Dan, who lives in Brooklyn, and it was unusually hot for November. On our first day in the city we went to the Museum of Modern Art, because it’s free on Fridays, and there isn’t a … Continue reading

adventures with allison

Last weekend I went to Philadelphia to visit my friend Allison, who I haven’t seen since we studied abroad together in the fall of 2008. The night that Allison and I solidified our friendship will live in infamy, because it was the first “crazy” night I had in Amsterdam, and it was also the night … Continue reading

hetero-lifemating and the like

I submitted this picture of me and Gretchen to Free Crappy Portraits and they posted their rendition yesterday! Click here to see it. It’s satisfyingly crappy, and I think it captures us pretty well. The original picture was taken at one of our sorority semi-formals last year. I’m not sure how it got started, but over … Continue reading

beware of the ice on the lake

My sister just graduated from high school, which means that yesterday we hosted the obligatory graduation party at our house. Obviously the best thing about graduation parties is the food. There was taco salad, pasta salad, quesadillas, meatballs, deviled eggs, baked beans, punch, cake, and cheesy potatoes as far as the eye could see. Also, … Continue reading

one foot in and one foot back

About once a month for the past twelve months since I graduated from college, I’ve ventured back to the not-that-lovely city of Springfield, Ohio to visit my friends who are still students at Wittenberg. I go to my favorite bar, get gratuitously drunk, make cynical comments about “the real world,” impart slurry, sage-like advice about … Continue reading

the glass is half full (of whiskey)

It snowed this week, for the first time this season. I woke up on Wednesday to a thick frost covering the ground, it flurried on my drive to work, and when I got to work and realized that it was December 1, I wondered what in the hell happened to the spring, the summer, and the fall. What the … Continue reading

the plan is no plan

It’s finally fall, for real I think. That’s not to say that there won’t still be some 80 degree days in the future of 2010, but for now at least, it’s cold. It seems like it hasn’t been that long since I shoved all my winter clothes into a box in the top of my … Continue reading