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Sunday confessions, vol. 6

Sunday confessions, vol. 6

Sometimes for a snack I eat a bowl full of shredded cheese with pickle slices.¬†I’ve always loved pickles, but I think this habit really started the summer that I lived on campus and worked at The Corner Cone in Yellow Springs with Gretchen. We would fill the little plastic ice cream cups with shredded cheese … Continue reading

what's my age again?

I finally got around to cleaning out all of the old CD cases that have been living on the top shelf of my closet for the past seven years. I had been putting it off forever because, obviously, cleaning out my closet is always a daunting task, but dealing with the empty CD cases specifically … Continue reading

one foot in and one foot back

About once a month for the past twelve months since I graduated from college, I’ve ventured back to the not-that-lovely city of Springfield, Ohio to visit my friends who are still students at Wittenberg. I go to my favorite bar, get gratuitously drunk, make cynical comments about “the real world,” impart slurry, sage-like advice about … Continue reading

springfield runs red

On Monday I saw Kevin Smith’s new movie, Red State, at the Clark State Performing Arts Center in Springfield, Ohio. If you haven’t heard, Kevin Smith is doing this cool thing with his newest movie where instead of releasing it in the traditional way, he’s taking it on tour in order to distribute it independently. … Continue reading

new shoes for the holidaze

It’s Columbus Day and I find myself celebrating my day off from work by sitting at Caribou and feeling really grumpy about the fact that the front wall, which is made entirely of windows, is letting in way too much sunlight and aggravating my lingering hangover from the¬†shenanigans of Wittenberg Homecoming this past weekend. And … Continue reading

the fanciest hoodrats you'll ever meet

I love Springfield, Ohio. I really do. Even though it’s kind of a sorry excuse for a city, and even though the first word that comes to mind when I think of Springfield is “squalor,” I still have to appreciate it for its unique brand of undeniable desolation, if only because it was my home … Continue reading