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all messed up and nowhere to go

For the first edition of the Learning Curve “column,” I’ll be reviewing the album Gentlemen by The Afghan Whigs. Just to give you some deets on this album and the band: The Afghan Whigs were formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1986 and were the first non-Northwestern U.S. band to get signed to the Sub Pop … Continue reading

the glass is half full (of whiskey)

It snowed this week, for the first time this season. I woke up on Wednesday to a thick frost covering the ground, it flurried on my drive to work, and when I got to work and realized that it was December 1, I wondered what in the hell happened to the spring, the summer, and the fall. What the … Continue reading

500 days of autumn

Yesterday was officially the first day of autumn, which, in Ohio, means that even though it was 91 degrees today, there’s a strong possibility that I might wake up tomorrow to 3 inches of snow. The only thing I really hate about fall is that sometimes it feels like it barely exists because Ohio always seems so anxious to … Continue reading