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on becoming a workaholic

on becoming a workaholic

A while back I interviewed for a team lead position at work that would be a significant promotion – more “leadership responsibilities” as a part of the management team, and a salary instead of an hourly wage. My manager had told me I was basically a shoe-in for the job, but then I was a … Continue reading

life in a red state

So, the thing about Indiana is that it’s pretty much exactly the same as Ohio, except where Ohio is an unassuming swing state with plenty of metropolises to balance out its fair share of rednecks and hill folk, Indiana is blatantly red and mostly consists of sprawling corn fields, its only significant urban area being … Continue reading

on september

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: fall is my favorite season. But, as is typical when the weather somewhat suddenly changes to temperatures that feel cold compared to the 100-degree heatwave of a few weeks ago, I’m starting to feel that strange mournfulness that always accompanies the season change. I always feel … Continue reading

one foot in and one foot back

About once a month for the past twelve months since I graduated from college, I’ve ventured back to the not-that-lovely city of Springfield, Ohio to visit my friends who are still students at Wittenberg. I go to my favorite bar, get gratuitously drunk, make cynical comments about “the real world,” impart slurry, sage-like advice about … Continue reading

problems with easy solutions

I recently participated in this project called Eleven/Eleven that I found out about from my friend Allison. Allison’s friend, Kaleena, is doing a project in her mother’s memory where she makes 1000 paper cranes in one year and photographs each crane in a different location. Since it’s a bit much to go to 1000 different locations … Continue reading

the glass is half full (of whiskey)

It snowed this week, for the first time this season. I woke up on Wednesday to a thick frost covering the ground, it flurried on my drive to work, and when I got to work and realized that it was December 1, I wondered what in the hell happened to the spring, the summer, and the fall. What the … Continue reading

all dogs go to heaven

I’ve managed to discover the absolute most depressing and horrible sentence in the English language, and it’s this: “My dog died this weekend.” This is a sentence that I have yet to say out loud, because as is customary whenever I’m presented with an emotionally intense situation, I’m ignoring the reality and sweeping my feelings … Continue reading

the plan is no plan

It’s finally fall, for real I think. That’s not to say that there won’t still be some 80 degree days in the future of 2010, but for now at least, it’s cold. It seems like it hasn’t been that long since I shoved all my winter clothes into a box in the top of my … Continue reading

the fanciest hoodrats you'll ever meet

I love Springfield, Ohio. I really do. Even though it’s kind of a sorry excuse for a city, and even though the first word that comes to mind when I think of Springfield is “squalor,” I still have to appreciate it for its unique brand of undeniable desolation, if only because it was my home … Continue reading

just a small town girl…

So the verdict is in. Big Sal needs a new something-or-another because she continues to overheat, which means I will have to spend anywhere between $400-$600 to get her back in shape, and until then I’ll continue driving the crappy van. Great. It’s just money, though. As they say, mo’ money, mo’ problems, right? I … Continue reading