top five “is it summer yet?” songs

Here are five songs that remind me of summer, because I have cabin fever and I’m sick of cold weather. File these away for a nicer day when you can roll the windows down, crank the stereo up, and jam the fuck out.

“Quesadilla” by Walk the Moon

I got really into Walk the Moon after seeing them last summer at Mayday (sidenote: don’t go to Mayday). They are perfectly poppy, and while some of the songs on their album are pretty meh, I really like this one. I listened to this album a lot during the stifling drought last summer, so this song reminds me of extremely hot weather and melting my face off in my car on my way to work in the morning. It gets me pumped up and has some great pop lyrics that I really enjoy. I also like this song because I’m pretty sure it’s a love song about a quesadilla, which I can definitely get behind.

“Ceiling of Plankton” by Givers

Similar story for this song — I got really into this album after my friend Steiner visited us over St. Patrick’s Day last year, and I listened to it a lot last summer. It’s one of my favorite albums that I’ve come across in years, so I was really glad that she brought it to share with me. This song is awesome, and it reminds me of taking long strolls on the bike path in hot weather.

“Strawberry Weed” by Caesars

This song is absolutely a “driving fast on the highway on a sunny day with the windows down and the volume really loud” type of tune. It’s so happy and upbeat. Also, a love song about weed. More things I can get behind.

“The Only Place” by Best Coast

This album is a great summer album, and this song specifically makes me reaaaaaaaaaaaallly bitter that I’m buried under 6 inches of snow instead of at the beach. I love this song in spite of the fact that it makes me resent the Midwest because we don’t have any of the things that Bethany Cosentino thinks make California “the only place.” I need an ocean and some babes, stat.

“King of the Beach” by Wavves

Well, duh.


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