the 20SB postcard exchange

20sb Postcard Exchange

When I shared my handwriting I wrote about how I think it’s sad that the written word is a dying art. There is something so much more personal about a handwritten note or letter, and as much as I love how easy Facebook, texting, and email make it for me to keep in touch with friends who are far away, I’m partial to snail mail. So I was excited when 20SB announced they were doing a postcard exchange, and I immediately signed up.
Since I signed up to be paired with international bloggers, I thought it would be nice to send them some Indianapolis postcards.
I bought these at Homespun, which is a really cool little shop in Irvington that sells handmade items from tons of different artists, local and otherwise. My postcards went to Anna in India, Shihaam in Sri Lanka, Mel in the UK, and Alyson in Canada. Bonus postcards went to Garik and my grandma in Ohio, because I like them.

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