a (hand)writing sample

I got the idea to share my handwriting here from the 20SB weekly blogging prompt. I’ve always found handwriting interesting, and anything handwritten is inevitably more personal than something typed, texted, or otherwise word-processed. Both of my parents have impeccable handwriting, which I’m sure has a lot to do with the era in which they went to school. I wonder what sort of emphasis is placed on handwriting in elementary classrooms these days. I remember “Cursive Day” in third grade, which was celebrated by my teacher as a coming-of-age holiday for us — our lives would never be the same again, since we would be required to turn in all assignments in cursive from this day forward, for the rest of our schooling careers. I can’t remember ever being required to write a paper in cursive after that — every teacher in middle school and beyond was happy to accept any style of handwriting as long as it was legible, and they all preferred final drafts to be typed. These days I can barely even remember how to write in cursive. My handwriting has gotten worse in recent years from disuse, which makes me sad both because my handwriting is sloppy now, but also because I think handwriting is a dying art, and I want to preserve it.


I swear I’m really trying to write more, both on this blog and in my journal.

P.S. Thanks to Allison for being my moleskine muse.


8 thoughts on “a (hand)writing sample

  1. My handwriting is SO bad now… Someone who studied handwriting told me I have serial killer handwriting because my letters were all different and I mix cursive and print… lol
    I don’t know that I ever had NICE handwriting, but I used to have a ton of penpals when I was younger and spent a long time working on making my handwriting cute or fun or whatever. Now it’s just scribbles.

  2. I get so annoyed when I’m trying to write something in my journal. It takes me SO LONG to get my thoughts out. Typing is 32948230498 times faster. But I love my black moleskine collection. The way they all line up perfectly on my shelf really appeals to me. A word document doesn’t have the same feel.

    • I feel the same way – it’s usually easier for me to type things, but there is something more personal about writing in a journal – it’s more secretive. also, I appreciate the look and feel of moleskines too.

  3. So cool! I get so annoyed writing things in my journal too (like Nova) but I still love a fresh, blank book to write in when I want to. Also, I think it’s really cool to see a blogger’s handwriting…makes the whole thing more intimate, or something. Maybe “intimate” is too creepy of a word.

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