Sunday confessions, vol. 11

It’s been a long time since I did a Sunday confessions post, so why not?

I’ve been thinking about dying my hair for about two years, but haven’t gotten around to it because I’m too cheap. Dude, girl hair is expensive, and it’s hard enough for me to consistently get hair cuts, let alone maintain a dye job. Also, I’m really indecisive about dying it because I really like my natural color. I thought about going blonde for a while, which a lot of my friends are skeptical about, but my mom used to be bleach blonde and considering we’re almost identical I think maybe I could pull it off. And more than anything, I want to dye it blue, but I need to be in a more comfortable position career-wise before I can make that leap.

I judge people based on the bad behavior of their pets. If your dog barks at me and jumps on me when I enter your house and won’t leave me alone while I’m eating, I’m judging you. Dogs are smart and very susceptible to training, especially when diligently administered by someone they love, so if your dog behaves badly, it’s probably your fault. Teach it some manners! Don’t allow it to piss of your neighbors and annoy your guests! I love dogs, but there is nothing worse than an obnoxious pet, especially when it’s obvious that no one is trying to instill respectful behaviors. Also, I hate when people treat their pets like they are humans — this is not healthy for anyone involved.

I hate shaving my legs. So….I don’t do it that often. That’s gross, right? Yeah, I don’t really give a shit. It’s a silly, sexist practice, but mostly I’m lazy and fairly confident that no one is paying very close attention to my legs. Especially in the winter, when they never see the light of day — shaving is a waste of my time. Sorry I’m not sorry.


I’m obsessed with Third Eye Blind. I’m a huge nineties music fan in general, but Third Eye Blind is one of my favorite bands of all time. I’ve liked them pretty much for as long as I can remember – I used to tape their songs off the radio when I was in second grade (“Semi-Charmed Life” was featured multiple times on my two favorite adolescent mix tapes, “Kool Songs” and “Kool Songs 2”) and I rediscovered them in high school when I bought their self-titled album for $2 at a used record store. Everyone knows their hit songs (which are awesome nineties classics) but their best are the lesser-known songs, and some of my favorites are from their most recent album, Ursa Major (yes, they’re still a band). I’ve seen them in concert three times, and I will go see them again at any opportunity I get. I’ve even been thinking about a 3eb themed tattoo (this one is one of my favorite tattoos I’ve seen).

I’ve recently become tattoo obsessed. I just got my first tattoo a few months ago, and ever since then I’ve been fantasizing about covering my body with all kinds of artwork, and I already have my next few tattoos planned out. I’m leery about them at the same time, though, because just like with the blue hair, I’m concerned about how tattoos could affect my career. I hate that that has to be a concern, but I know that it’s a reality, especially in a corporate environment like I’m in now. I’m really lucky that my company actually allows piercings and visible tattoos, but I know a lot of other places don’t, so I don’t want to limit myself, for now anyway. That just means that the normally non-visible parts of my body are going to get covered pretty quickly.


7 thoughts on “Sunday confessions, vol. 11

  1. I did the hair dye thing for awhile (even had it blue for a year!) and it’s both a money and time suck… I don’t regret doing it, but I’m happier not having anything that I have to maintain.

    Also, shaving legs is overrated… Nevermind, also a money suck! Do you know how much razors cost? And shaving cream? I only shave if I absolutely, positively have to for the outfit that I’m wearing.

  2. I totally feel self-conscious when Cypress acts annoying because I’m assuming everyone’s judging me, haha! My problem is that she listens to Robbie so much more than she listens to me, but you’re right, that’s my fault. haha

    I know exactly what you mean about tattoos. If it makes you feel better I’m in a job that allows me to show mine in theory, but I still make the voluntary choice to hide them. It’s never that big of a deal, minus feeling a little hot sometimes in a cardigan, and the experience/tattoos are totally worth it for me. As long as I don’t get them on face/neck/hands for now, there’ll always be a way to hide them. This is what I plan on doing if I get any on my forearms:

  3. I’ve dyed my hair since I was 12, and had it just about every color (including green, blue, purple, etc.). Now I’m trying to go back to my natural color, but it’s REALLY hard to match it again. The upkeep on dyed hair is just crazy though, and gets expensive even if you do it yourself. I dyed my hair so much I fried it too, so that’s no good. I’ve been wanting to do something fun with my hair for a while, but with all the damage and upkeep, I’m not sure I will.
    If you’re not sure about changing your hair color, you can do temporary dyes. You can’t go lighter with them, but you could add some color. Your hair is dark enough that bright colors like blue probably wouldn’t turn out really well (unless you’re going for dark blue), but you could try some clip-in extensions to just get an idea.

    I never shave my legs if I can avoid it. Even in the summer. Shaving takes way too long and I’m way too lazy.

    I also would love some more tattoos, but worry that I’ll have to get another corporate job one day and they won’t go over well. =[

  4. Same same same NOT THIRD EYE BLIND and same. haha

    The good thing about the “non-visible” spots on your body is there are a LOT of them. You could basically get half a Japanese body suit and nobody would know. I mean really, your entire back and butt, rib panels, stomach, chest (depending on what you wear), thighs (front, side and back)… you’re set for like ten years worth of getting tattooed! haha

    And about the hair dye thing, just do it. If you get sick of re-doing it all the time you can just go back to your natural color. Easy!

  5. i have to dye my hair, or go gray…and right now, that’s not an option! Shaving….would you believe I have to every single day or its horrible. I don’t want to, but ouch, it hurts if I don’t. If it wasn’t for my husband, I might just stop.
    i love love love tattoos. But I only have 2. I just became a lover of tatts later in life. Got my first at age 42. would like one more on my shoulder, but….who knows.
    I’m now gonna go search music for Third Eye Blind. I feel bad I can’t think of a thing they sing!!!!

  6. Dude. Girl hair IS expensive, and I’m not a fan. I don’t know when the last time I got it cut was, and that’s probably a bad thing, right? Aren’t we supposed to get it cut every couple months or something? Who knows.

    And… shaved legs are overrated.

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