things-I-love thursday, vol. 4

This upside down world map. Who says it’s upside down? via Joe. My. God. 

Beautiful Swear Words. via the Shatterboxx Blog.

The Top 15 Damn You Autocorrect Texts of All Time. This kind of makes me want an iPhone even more for the hilarity factor, but I also wonder why Apple can’t seem to be able to fine-tune their autocorrect feature to um, not suck ass.

Julie will you marry me? So nerdy, but so cute.

Molls’ Five Faves of the Week. This video is from a few weeks ago, but it made me laugh, and Molls is awesome.

Living With Chronic Bitchface. Story of my life. Also via the Boxx Blog.

Hannah’s Love Letter Writing Campaign. I have to say I agree that the world needs more handwritten love letters.

A Doggie Bloggie, which is my current favorite blog because of its adorable pictures and interesting posts about all things canine.

Corgi-Dalmation crossbreed. Click the image for more.

The post about dogs in the military reminded me of an article I read a while back in Time Magazine about dogs being used to help veterans with PTSD.

I made Colin look at all the cute dog pictures with me and he also reminded me of the post that Mental Floss did with videos of dogs welcoming home soldiers.


Here’s a picture of my dog for good measure. RIP Roxy.

Celebrities Who Look Like Historical People. These are dead-on, to the point that it’s a little eerie.

I recently got a Formspring account. Formspring is fun. Ask me questions!

What Traveling Around the World Looks Like In 1 Minute. This video is so awesome, and gives me wanderlust. The “Eat” and “Learn” videos are pretty cool too. via the Mental Floss blog.

Bookshelf Porn. It’s not actually porn, just awesome pictures of bookshelves. Love it. Also via the Mental Floss blog.

Tim’s experiments with Oreo Cupcakes. On my last day of work, Tim made peanut butter and red velvet cupcakes for everyone, and it was badass. Aww, best boss ever.

This week, though, I’m also loving that I’m allowed to wear flip flops at my new job. That’s never going to get old.

See more things I love here, here, and here.


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